Year Aircraft Operator Cause(s) Location
Airliner Accidents
2019 Boeing 737 MAX 8 Ethiopian Airlines Loss of control during flight Ethiopia
2018 Boeing 737 MAX 8 Lion Air Loss of control during flight Indonesia
2016 Boeing 737 Flydubai Crash on landing Russia
2015 Boeing 777 British Airways Engine fire during takeoff USA
2015 Airbus A320-200 Germanwings Co-pilot suicide – crash into French Alps France
2013 Airbus A330 Thomas Cook Smoke / fumes in cabin Bermuda
2012 Airbus A330 Air Berlin Engine failure Thailand
2012 Boeing 767 Thomas Cook Smoke / fumes in cabin Ireland
2012 Boeing 737 Jet2 Smoke / fumes in cabin – aborted take-off Scotland
2012 Boeing/ McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Dana Air Crash into terrain due to loss of engine power Nigeria
2012 Airbus A340 Virgin Atlantic Passenger burns due to seatbelt air bag detonation USA
2012 Boeing 737 Bhoja Air Crash during final approach Pakistan
2012 Boeing 737 Ryanair Cabin depressurisation Germany
2011 Boeing 777 Singapore Airlines In-flight medical emergency Singapore
2010 Illusian IL-76 Sunway Air Crash after take-off Pakistan
2009 Antonov AN-24 Pamir Airways Crash into mountain Afghanistan
2009 Boeing 777 United Airlines In-flight upset Atlantic Ocean
2009 Airbus A330 Afriqiyah Airways Crash during approach Libya
2009 Boeing 737 Ethiopian Airlines Crash after take-off Lebanon
2009 ATR 72 Bangkok Airways Crash on landing Thailand
2009 BAE 146 Braethens Technical Ground incident Sweden
2009 Airbus A330 Air France Crash into sea Atlantic Ocean
2008 Airbus A330 Qantas In-flight upset Australia
2008 Boeing / McDonnell Douglas MD-82 Spanair Crash during take-off Spain
2008 Airbus A310 Sudan Airways Crash on landing Sudan
2008 Boeing 777 British Airways Crash during approach England
2007 Boeing 767 XL Airways Fumes in cabin Atlantic Ocean
Business/ Commuter Aircraft Accidents
2017 Cessna 208 Coastal Aviation Crash into mountain Tanzania
2012 Dornier 228 Sita Air Crash after take-off Nepal
2011 Fairchild Metroliner Manx2 Crash on landing Ireland
2009 Cessna 208B Aereotuy Crash during take-off Venezuela
2008 Learjet 45 Mexican Government Crash on approach Mexico
2008 Beechcraft 1900 Air Serv International Crash en-route DRC
2008 Beechcraft 1900 Southern Sudan Air Connection Crash en-route Sudan
2008 Cessna Citation Complete Charter Services Crash after take-off England
Helicopter Accidents
2017 Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter Services Ltd Mid-air collision England
2014 Augusta Bell 206B Private Charter Crash into coastal cliff England
2013 Eurocopter EC135 T2 Police Helicopter Crash into Clutha Pub, Glasgow due to fuel starvation Scotland
2013 Augusta AW109 RotorMotion Helicopters Crash into crane London
2013 Eurocopter AS 332L2 CHC Helicopters Crash on approach Scotland
2012 Eurocopter EC225 CHC Helicopters Ditching into North Sea due to gear box problem North Sea
2011 Robinson R44 Private Charter Crash after take-off Rwanda
2009 Schweizer 269C-1 DC Helicopters Crash due to loss of engine power England
2008 Eurocopter AS350B Helicopteros Insulares Crash into terrain Spain
2007 Eurocopter AS350 Creative Helicopters Crash en-route France
2007 Eurocopter AS350 Irish Helicopters Crash en-route Ireland
Light Aircraft Accidents
2017 Cessna 152 Wycombe Air Park Mid-air collision England
2017 DH82A Tiger Moth DH Heritage Flight Ltd Crash after take-off England
2015 De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Air Saguenay Crash en-route Canada
2015 Alpi (Cavaciuti) Pioneer 400 Private flight Crash during approach England
2014 Cessna 172 Private flight Crash due to engine failure England
2014 Piper PA-38 Tomahawk Private flight Loss of control / spin England
2010 Cessna 185 Air Nazca Engine failure after take-off Peru
2009 Beagle B121 Cranfield DWG Crash in the circuit England
Military Aircraft Accidents
2015 Hawker Hunter T7 Shoreham Air Show Crash during flying display England
2012 Tornado GR4T Royal Air Force Collision of 2 Tornado aircraft during a training sortie Scotland
2009 Grob Tutor Royal Air Force Collision of 2 Grob Tutor aircraft during a training sortie Collision of 2 Grob Tutor aircraft during a training sortie Wales
2007 Puma Mk1 Royal Air Force Loss of control causing collision with terrain England
2006 Nimrod MR2 Royal Air Force Mid-air explosion Afghanistan

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