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When aviation accidents occur, the military personnel injured and families who lose loved ones can benefit from specialist assistance and advice.

Nexa Law has unique expertise in military aircraft operations, military law and military air accidents. Jim Morris was a pilot in the RAF for 12 years, following which he qualified as a Barrister in the RAF and prosecuted court martial jury trials, specialising in military aviation cases. He retired after 16 years in the RAF, before specialising in representing the victims of air accidents as a civilian practitioner.

This expertise is used to analyse the accident to determine the full chain of events to advise victims and families in relation to their rights against the military, via the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and/ or a civil legal claim. For a civil claim, in addition to a potential action against the Ministry of Defence (MoD), full consideration will be given to pursuing civilian contractors or corporations that have contributed to an accident.

Nexa Law also advises on the air accident investigation by the military, the Court Martial process if charges are brought and the Inquest. For fatal accidents, Jim can conduct the inquest advocacy on behalf of the families to ensure that the military aviation experts and witnesses are properly questioned to determine all issues relevant to the tragedy and any safety measures that should be implemented.

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