We understand the delights and challenges of running a modern-day veterinary practice. We know that you care deeply about the animals in your care, and that’s what helps your practice thrive. But being a vet isn’t just about having great clinicians in your team, it’s about running your business efficiently and profitably so that you can continue to be there for your clients and patients for years to come.

We work with veterinary practices of all shapes and sizes to help them achieve their ambitions. Whether you’re just starting out on your journey as a business owner or looking at your options for retirement, we’ll be there with you. Our clients range from the smallest of small animal clinics right through to the largest large animal practices! 

Whatever your area of veterinary expertise, our expert lawyers ensure that your practice complies with latest regulations, concludes contracts, reduces risks, manages budgets and optimises operations so that you can do what you do best! You didn’t become a vet to spend your time worrying about the law, so let us take that stress away from you. We work seamlessly as an extension of your practice management team – always on call for any queries.

Keeping animals healthy is your business. Keeping your business healthy is ours.

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“It’s a real privilege working with vets to help them grow and protect their businesses. Being married to a vet means I have a first hand knowledge of the pressures faced by practices and their owners. Since 2015 I’ve also worked with vets supporting them with their business growth and marketing as the founder of a veterinary focused marketing agency called Local Vets. If you’re looking for a lawyer who gets vets, you’ve come to the right place!” Matthew Dunne

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