Whether you are a sole trader or a corporate entity, have just one debt owing to you or a number of debts, our specialists can review and advise as to the best course of recovery.

Our experts recognise that continuing business relationships often need to be maintained between you and the client/customer who owes the debt and we will always endeavour to resolve debt issues in a conflict free manner that both parties can agree to.

Non-payment of a debt does not always need to result in court action and will always look to achieve the best practical and effective solutions in the first instance.

Here at nexa law we can also help you to take a proactive approach to debt risk and recovery.

Our team can review your terms of business, invoicing and credit control procedures to help you reduce your debt, thereby improving cashflow. This can often be achieved with just a few small tweaks here and there. Our specialists would be happy to discuss this with you and provide any training required.

Debt recovery services

Our comprehensive range of debt recovery services includes:

  • Reviewing documents
  • Training
  • Initial pre-litigation letters
  • Negotiations
  • County Court matters:
    • Drafting Claims
    • Defending Claims and Counterclaims
    • Applications
    • Hearing representation
    • Obtaining Judgments
    • Enforcing Judgments
  • Property Tribunal matters:
    • Applications
    • Hearing representation

Our specialists can either fully represent you through the process, or provide support, advice and any drafting if you would prefer to run matters in your own name, with us as back up at a reduced cost.

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For general enquiries relating to any of the above, please email us info@nexa.law.