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nexa law was formed by founders Eliot Hibbert and John Roberts in 2016. Back in 2014, they had seen the way that customers in many other sectors were moving towards a new model of business that broke away from the traditional, rigid style of company to a more modern modus operandi that was based on a flexible, on demand approach. With their respective backgrounds in law and professional services, Eliot and John felt that clients could truly benefit from a new model law firm that allowed them access to the very best lawyers when and where it suited them most.

Putting the client first

Although changes in the law regarding how lawyers could operate had been made back in 2007, John and Eliot observed that law firms were slow to react and were not fulfilling the expectations of today’s clients. They felt that a company that put clients first whilst at the same time offering an attractive alternative to lawyers would create a win-win model that benefited everybody involved.
It was this that led to the creation of what is essentially a ‘virtual’ law firm, which offers clients the trust and security you would expect from a traditional law company but with far greater flexibility and many additional benefits.

Tangible benefits

As well as the flexibility that the nexa model could offer clients, there were also cost benefits that could be passed directly on to the clients as overheads were considerably lower. As lawyers no longer needed to bill time to cover both their own hours as well as the overheads associated with running a traditional office, clients would be paying only for the lawyer’s direct work. This meant that clients would benefit from access to the same level of expertise but at a considerably better price.
The result was that nexa law was incorporated in 2016 and granted approval by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), the regulator of solicitors and law firms in England and Wales.

Value for money
Customer service