Based on £ fees billed, you would take home


Based on £ fees billed, you would take home


Fees billed Fees to consultant
£50,000 £37,500
£100,000 £75,000
£150,000 £112,500
£200,000 £154,000
£250,000 £196,250
£300,000 £235,500
£350,000 £280,000
£400,000 £320,000
£450,000 £360,000
£500,000 £400,000
£550,000 £467,500
£600,000 £510,000

Freedom and flexibility are at the heart of our philosophy. We let you set your own targets, fee structures and objectives, so that you can work as much as you want without the pressure of meeting the demands of a traditional law practice.

We take a small percentage of your fee, leaving you with the lion’s share of your earnings – meaning that you truly earn your worth, with excellent opportunities for increased earning potential.

With our commission structure, the more revenue you generate, the smaller the percentage you pay. In addition, we offer the opportunity to take on new work generated by your own marketing promotions and to refer this within nexa law and obtain a percentage of the fee generated.


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