We are able to offer unique depth of industry and legal ability thanks to the experience of our leading practitioner, Jim Morris, who boasts years of professional pilot experience that was obtained prior to him qualifying as a lawyer. He spent 12 years as an RAF pilot, before qualifying as a barrister to specialise in aviation law. Jim has drawn on his unrivaled expertise over the years to provide an exceptional service to clients and is now able to provide a range of aviation law services as part of the nexa team.

Construction & Civil Engineering Disputes

With construction forming part of the bedrock of industry in England and Wales it is inevitable that disputes will arise from time to time. Parties can typically fall out over non-payment, failure to complete or even the standard of workmanship.

Contentious Probate Services

When it comes to contested wills, our lawyers are friendly and approachable with a proven track record of getting things sorted quickly and efficiently. They can explain everything in a clear, easy to understand manner, helping you through disputes with sensitivity, speed and assurance.

Family Law

Family law helps many people in a variety of ways, from helping them prepare for the future to helping with the legal outcome of divorce and separation. It is essential that the solicitor takes the time to fully understand your situation, needs and main concerns to ensure that you receive clear, understandable legal and practical advice.

Farming, Rural & Agriculture

Whether you are a farmer, landowner or investor, agricultural law can be a complex and fast changing area. Our lawyers can provide you with the expertise to help you through any agricultural issue including dispute resolution, succession planning, farm business tenancies and the acquisition, disposal and refinancing of farms, estates and land. We act for a wide range of clients from small family farms to large estate owners so regardless of how difficult your matter is you will always receive the highest standard of legal advice.


Our team of lawyers can provide expert advice on all areas of immigration to the UK and we can help individuals who are either EEA nationals and want to regularise their stay in the UK along with being able to provide various options to non-EEA nationals who desire to regularise their stay in the UK. We also assist Small Medium Enterprises and corporate clients in various aspects of immigration law.


A number of jurisdictions, including England and Wales, require an inquest following a death. In England and Wales, where a death was violent or unnatural a coroner must hold an inquest. An inquest is a public fact-finding inquiry conducted by a coroner, with or without a jury, to determine the identity of the deceased, the place and time of death and how the deceased came by his or her death.


nexaMediate offers businesses and individuals an alternative route to resolving disputes through mediation.

Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

At nexa, our specialist lawyers have endless experience in fighting for the rights of claimants who have suffered devastating and life changing injuries. The importance of navigating our clients through the maze of handling technical claims comes as second nature to our sensitive and approachable team who understand the challenges that face victims of accidents and medical negligence.


Our lawyers provide a comprehensive range of corporate legal services that includes company formation and partnerships, shareholder agreements, private equity, restructuring and management buy outs/buy ins, mergers and acquisitions, company sale and purchase and corporate financing.

Private Client

Our private client lawyers assist entrepreneurs, business owners and investors, professionals and high net worth individuals in a wide range of matters. We cover a comprehensive range of areas including asset protection, management of your personal affairs or planning ahead for future needs such as business succession, inheritance tax or estate planning.

Professional Negligence

When you obtain professional advice, you inevitably place a great deal of trust in your advisers. Legal and financial matters have become increasingly complex and navigating them without professional advice is often impossible. But what happens when professional advisers get things wrong?


Whether your business is involved in the purchase or sale of property, leasing or development, you need a lawyer you can trust to make sure things go smoothly from start to finish. Here at nexa law we cover all areas of property law including purchase of commercial premises, commercial development, corporate transactions, lease negotiations, finance and property portfolio management.

Tax Disputes

The vast majority of businesses and individuals make a fair and just contribution, and equally receive the benefits of operating within such a modern and progressive system. Britain’s HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are, however, also a leader when it comes to collecting and recovering unpaid or underpaid taxes, with a robust approach to tax enquiries and investigations.

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