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What can you expect when you work with Nexa? 

Whether you are a solicitor looking to join Nexa as a consultant and set up your legal business on our platform, a client looking for help from one of our consultant lawyers, a supplier partnering with us to provide essential services, or simply someone seeking information about the legal industry, Nexa is here to guide and support you.


The fundamental principle on which Nexa is founded is flexibility. Giving our consultants the freedom to work in whatever way suits them and their clients. We don’t impose any client management requirements on our people, we trust them to make their own decisions. This principle translates into the service delivery and client care our solicitors provide, delivering whatever level of, and whenever, assistance is needed.


Our community of supportive colleagues here at Nexa enjoy working together to help their clients achieve their aims. Nexa’s management is constantly consulting with our consultants to make sure they have everything they need to run their legal businesses in the best way possible. Nexa also collaborates and supports more traditional, mid-market UK law firms with its NexaConnex freelance offering.


We don’t hire “identikit lawyers”; we have every type of lawyer, from many different types of backgrounds, with all sorts of amazing experience here at Nexa. Many of our consultants took a non-traditional path to becoming solicitors and their clients benefit from the different and creative perspectives this gives them. Whatever your needs as a client, we can find you the right lawyer.


At Nexa, we understand the challenges of running your own legal business and we do everything we can to ease those pressures for our consultants. Our experienced, quality lawyers pride themselves on understanding their clients and doing everything they can to deliver the right outcomes for them.


We don’t believe in surprises, there are no hidden costs for our consultants when they work with us or for the clients they work for. We are totally open about our charging structure, which is straight forward and transparent.


We began life as a “new model” law firm, setting out to do things differently and find better ways of operating and we continue with that mindset today. We aren’t wedded to the “traditional” way of doing things; we’re open minded when it comes to change and are constantly on the lookout for new technology which can make life easier for our consultants and their clients.


We want to help make things better, by actively putting something back into our communities. Whether that’s reducing our carbon footprint as an organisation, helping the next generation of lawyers find their way or working with others to drive positive change in the legal profession. We have a dedicated ESG Lead to help us achieve these goals and have recently published our Environmental Business Charter.

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