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Construction & Civil Engineering Disputes

With construction forming part of the bedrock of industry in England and Wales it is inevitable that disputes will arise from time to time. Parties can typically fall out over non-payment, failure to complete or even the standard of workmanship.

High profile cases in recent times has shown that even the largest construction companies are vulnerable in the modern climate and how any delay in payment can have a knock-on effect all the way down to the individual contractor. It is vitally important therefore that parties understand how to try and resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.

Things can also move a little bit too fast if you are not prepared, with the adjudication process being designed to be a swiftly moving, interim remedy to a dispute arising out of a construction contract. If parties are not careful, they can end up being the wrong side of a large demand for payment following an adjudication in a matter of weeks.

nexa understands that even one dispute can lead to a company falling into substantial financial difficulty and can be trusted to take a proactive approach to resolving the matter. nexa can be there to assist you as much or as little as you need.

Contracts and documentation in the construction industry can be both complex and voluminous, typically requiring a high degree of legal knowledge. Our assistance ranges from initial troubleshooting through to alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or adjudication and finally, if necessary, litigation.

Whether you are an individual contractor chasing payment, or an employer who is concerned about quality of workmanship, nexa is here to help.

The types of disputes we can help with are:-

  • Non-payment
  • Extension of time, prolongation, delay and disruption
  • Termination/Repudiation
  • Standard of Workmanship
  • Final Account

We have the skill and experience to choose the appropriate venue for the dispute whether that be before an Adjudicator, Arbitrator or the Technology and Construction Court (TCC)

Avoiding a dispute in the first place is always preferable, and misunderstandings can stem from a lack of knowledge at the outset. With that in mind nexa is able to offer advice on the contractual documentation for your building or civil engineering project before the works commence, including bonds, guarantees and warranties.

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