Conflicts may be an unavoidable part of doing business, but we can help you resolve them as quickly and painlessly as possible. They may range from simple and straightforward issues such as unpaid bills or invoices and disagreements over contract terms to complex matters involving litigation or arbitration.

Your commercial interests are at the heart of our approach and we won’t turn a drama into a crisis. We’ll help you avoid or resolve your dispute in the most appropriate way, whether by negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

Whatever the nature of the dispute, the expert lawyers here at nexa can be trusted to help you resolve the issue. We take a proactive approach to the situation, with a focus on enabling a satisfactory outcome to be achieved.

We evaluate every case based on its individual merits and your specific needs. Our lawyers will consider the available options and seek to provide you with the advice and support you need to follow the most appropriate course of action, whilst at the same time adopting a risk management approach to help avoid undesired situations such as claims and litigation.

Where it is necessary for you to defend a claim, your lawyer will have the knowledge and experience necessary to vigorously protect your interests.

Areas of practice in dispute resolution include:

  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution
  • International and UK litigation and arbitration
  • Corporate, shareholder and joint venture disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Commercial fraud
  • Contractual disputes
  • Financial and insurance disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Social housing, trust and estate litigation
  • Injunctions.

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Our lawyers are listed A-Z by Surname

Natasha Banjo

020 7504 7071 ext 2111
07878 926612

Jarred Bold

020 7504 7071 ext 2135

John Cato

020 7504 7071 ext 2138

Serena Davis

020 7504 7071 ext 37

Rothoulla Fiakka

020 7504 7071 ext 2142

Suzanne Gulshan

020 7504 7071 ext 14

Caroline Gumbrell

03300 24 24 20 - ext 8
07400 895 969

Jonathan Hodge

020 7504 7071 ext 2175

Andrew Horrocks

020 7504 7051 ext 43
07786 738254

Daniel Jenkins

020 7504 7071 ext 25

Elizabeth Matfin

020 7504 7071 ext 2112

Steven Mather

020 7504 7071 ext 32

Femi Ogunshakin

03300 24 24 20 – ext 7
07867 795 439

Louise Sackey

020 7504 7071 ext 2183

Jonathan Warner-Reed

020 7504 7071 ext 24
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