Judith Owen
Litigation Partner

Judith Owen

Judith specialises in property litigation, planning litigation and commercial contract disputes. She is a barrister (non-registered) and a practising solicitor-advocate, able to deal with litigation in any courtroom in England and Wales including the Court of Appeal.

These are Judith's areas of expertise:

General Counsel Services and Disputes.

My Background & Expertise

She has successfully won cases against major national construction companies in cases of defective new build homes, providing life-changing results for her clients.

Judith has a wealth of experience in dealing with all property related matters such as boundary disputes, septic tank disputes, planning issues, landlord / tenancy disputes, commercial lease disputes, adverse possession and contractual disputes.

Judith worked in legal Top 500 firms before becoming a partner at Nexa Law.

She prides herself on fearlessly arguing her client’s cases whilst being approachable to her clients. Judith is available out of hours when needed and finds that her commercial clients in particular, value this approach given that commercial businesses often need to make decisions quickly.

Examples of Judith’s areas of expertise include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • High value claims against developers.
  • Professional negligence claims, acting against or in defence of professionals such as Surveyors and Architects etc.
  • Property damage disputes involving trespass through tree root invasion.
  • Contractual property disputes including claims against buyers who abort the purchase of property post exchange of contracts.
  • Commercial lease disputes both in and outside of the LTA Act 1954.
  • Septic tank nuisance, ownership and maintenance disputes.
  • Criminal damage to property – civil compensation claims.
  • Unlawful eviction claims.
  • Group litigation against national construction company, involving in excess of 25 litigants.
  • Trespass and nuisance claims.
  • Injunctions
  • Disrepair claims and defending commercial landlords against disrepair and defective property claims.
  • Construction claims
  • Recovery of legal costs in detailed assessment of costs hearings.
  • Arbitration hearings
  • Representing commercial and individual clients in mediations and arbitration proceedings.
Judith Owen

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