Steven Mather
Commercial Partner

Steven Mather

Steven is a commercial business lawyer and helps create a happy and supporting legal environment so that business owners like you get a better nights sleep.

Steven is an approachable experienced and recommended lawyer. He qualified as a solicitor in 2008 and has worked at partner level over the last 10 years.

These are Steven's areas of expertise:


Steven has helped thousands of clients in matters worth tens of millions of pounds. He has been running businesses since he was 15 and so he has seen pretty much every legal issue going.

It’s important to Steven to build relationships with clients and work closely with owners and directors to provide effective, efficient and on demand legal and business advice.

Steven would be delighted to have a no obligation chat with you about your legal problems or business issues to see if you and he would get on and would enjoy working with each other.

Outside of work, Steven says there’s nothing better than spending time with his family, eating nice food, playing piano and going to Church.

Who are you?

  • Are you an SME Business wanting excellent service from an experienced professional and recommended solicitor?
  • Do you have a legal issue hanging over you?
  • Are you worried that the legal advice you’re receiving might be inaccurate or massively over-priced?

Steven Mather – is a Leicester based Solicitor with a history of legal success after legal success. Steven is here to help – so why not pick up the phone?

Perhaps you’re an owner or director of a small/medium-sized business who needs expert legal advice – fast. You need a commercial solicitor who speaks to you in plain, jargon-free English; one who gives you answers – not just options; one who’s fast, efficient and affordable.

You’ll be looking for a solicitor who’s recommended; a solicitor who takes time to understand you and your circumstances – not one who’s obsessed with clock-watching. You need a solicitor whose approach is transparent – so that, from day one, you’ll know what you’re paying – with fixed fees rather than hourly rates.

But what about you?

Steven’s clients tend to be:

  • a small or medium sized business
  • based in Leicestershire and the Midlands,
  • between £1-10m turnover
  • family owned
  • wanting a great mix of excellent quality advice, superb service and value for money.
  • wanting an advisor they can trust, do great work with and enjoy it too.

Businesses like yours get Steven onboard to deal with:

  • businesses sale/purchases
  • reviewing or drafting contracts
  • employee issues
  • dispute management/litigation/settlement
  • intellectual property disputes and trade mark registration
  • business legal risks/issues
  • much more besides.
Steven Mather

Are you looking for Steven to represent you?

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