Andrew Davies
Commercial Lawyer

Andrew Davies

Andrew is a top UK law firm trained commercial lawyer and CFA Charterholder investor.

These are Andrew's areas of expertise:

Corporate and Commercial law.


Having both had to instruct and be instructed as a solicitor Andrew has a deep understanding of what it is that clients need and want from their legal advisers.

Andrew has worked with a wide variety of firms from large international companies to nimble start-ups. Roles have included providing sole legal counsel roles to firms without in-house advisers, supporting GCs and running large projects.

Having worked in front office roles in investment management for public and private equity funds, financial and business professionals appreciate Andrew’s understanding of transactions from their perspective alongside his legal experience. This helps create a sense of working together to solve challenges rather than uncomfortably interacting with a “deal blocker”.

With a Master’s degree in international law, Andrew has also supported charities and NGOs, with a particular interest in human rights.

Areas of expertise

Commercial contracts for large and small companies, such as:

  • Supply agreements (individual and MSAs)
  • IT service agreements
  • Software licenses
  • Data protection agreements
  • Investment management agreements
  • Distribution and platform agreements
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Dispute management

Corporate finance, including:

  • Joint ventures
  • Shareholders agreements
Andrew Davies

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