Marcia Lopes
Consultant CILEX - Residential Property

Marcia Lopes

Marcia has 20 years’ experience as a lawyer specialising in residential conveyancing and general real estate.

Handling complex conveyancing transactions such as new builds, leaseholds, buy-to-lets and title rectification,  Marcia’s motto is to promote a stress-free transaction with professionalism and reliability and to maintain strong relationships with estate agents, lenders, mortgage brokers and clients.

Marcia has completed thousands of transactions over the years and understands the wider context of her work.

She offers a personalised service and prides herself in her friendly manner and is a safe pair of hands to help clients up or down the property ladder, protecting their interests all the way.

Marcia is an expert in: Property

Residential and general real estate transaction examples:

  • Purchases, sales and remortgages of freehold and leasehold properties
  • New leases
  • New build properties
  • Buy-to-let (individual and portfolios) combined with commercial finance
  • Compulsory purchases
  • Auction transactions (sales or purchases)
  • Asset maintenance: Lease extensions: deeds of variation, licenses to alter, deeds of easement, deeds of covenant, release of covenants

Consultancy and Non-Transactional examples:

  • Title rectification
  • Voluntary registrations of land
  • Applications and registrations of possessory titles
  • Upgrade of titles
  • Miscellaneous: assents, transfers of equity, independent legal advice, oath swears, ad hoc title reporting
  • Security review, asset recovery following company or personal insolvency, development set up and telecommunication infrastructure leases and agreements

Marcia is originally from Brazil. Her first name is common in Brazil and in the USA and is pronounced in different ways depending where you are. Bristolians for instance simply say ‘Mars’ which became a nickname over the years. Her surname ‘Lopes’ is the Portuguese version of the Spanish surname ‘Lopez’ we are more familiar with. ‘Lopes’ sounds like ‘Laupes’ as in Cyndi Lauper, the singer.


  • English and Brazilian Portuguese: fluent
  • Spanish: intermediary
  • French: basic
  • Czech: elementary


Marcia Lopes

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