Stephen Thomas
Property Partner

Stephen Thomas

Stephen is a commercial property lawyer with 20 years of experience in the commercial property sector. Stephen focuses mainly on leasehold work, acting for both landlord and tenants. He also carries out residential conveyancing.

These are Stephen's areas of expertise:

Property and Commercial law.

Stephen can advise on all aspects of commercial property and residential conveyancing, including development of land, and he has access to an extensive team of lawyers across Nexa should any specialist support work be required.

He works mainly with tenant companies in central/east London and garner work from many different commercial agencies in and around the central London area. Many of Stephens clients are repeat clients, due to his personal and friendly approach.

My clients

We’ve been working with Steve for many years now and covered a variety of different things in that time. Multiple private property purchases and sales from small inexpensive 1 beds, to large multi million pound estates. He’s also covered all our commercial property work which includes a great many office leases, warehouse purchases and leasing, subleasing, licensing and any disputes coming across the lot. Steve has been an absolute find for us, he is incredibly knowledgeable about all areas of property law and has always been able to help on every issue. His best qualities in my opinion are firstly his ability to apply a commercial lens to whatever is going on, rather than just quoting the letter of the law to me. Being able to discuss a problem with a lawyer who understands what you’re trying to achieve commercially, and helps you unpick it legally is incredibly rare and helpful. And secondly he works incredibly hard and has never not replied to anything within seconds day or night. The only issue we have with Steve is the other party on whatever deal we work on is always so impressed with his speed and thoroughness that they always want to steal him. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough, thanks once again for all your hard work Steve! Rosie Dallas – Joint CEO Adorna Group

Stephen Thomas

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