Zahrah Aullybocus
Property Partner

Zahrah Aullybocus

Zahrah’s approach to conveyancing is to ensure that clients understand all the implications in relation to their transactions. As avoiding issues and delays (especially on a purchase) will save the client any delays or headaches on a future sale.  She does this methodically, taking each element, step by step and of course questions from clients are always more than welcome!

If you’re wondering how to pronounce Zahrah’s name, the ‘h’s are silent so pronounced ‘Zara’ and her surname is from the island of Mauritius – the ‘Au’ part is pronounced like an ‘O’ as in café ‘au’ lait.   Zahrah understands French Creole from the island and also speaks a bit of Spanish.

Zahrah is an expert in: Property

Her passion is for shared ownership leases! And her experience in Housing Association sales has been put to excellent use acting for purchasers and sellers of shared ownership leases. This includes:

  • Sales of existing leases
  • Purchases of new build (direct from the Housing Association)
  • Purchases of existing shared ownership leases
  • Staircasing (in tranches or to 100%)
  • Shared ownership lease extensions
  • Transfers of shared ownership leases on death/separation

Zahrah can also assist with Right to Buy and Help to Buy purchases, Redemption of Help to Buy Equity Charges and transfers on separation/under probate.  Zahrah also assists clients with small developments with plot sales or splitting a freehold buildings into flats with new leases.

Zahrah has also spoken about shared ownership in 2020 for legal knowledge provider Lexis Nexis and also as guest speaker for the National Housing Federation’s Affordable Home Ownership (virtual) Conference in 2020.  Zahrah is also a regular sponsor of the Shared Ownership Resources website where you will find her articles in relation to various aspects of shared ownership and a contributor to legal magazine Property Law UK

Zahrah has been conducting conveyancing transactions since 2003 and qualified as a solicitor in 2011.  She is experienced in freehold and leasehold sales and purchases, re-mortgages and transfers of equity.

My clients

"Zahrah Aullybocus has been representing me in numerous transactions for over 10 years - yes I keep going back everytime - and I find her service level and performance outstanding. She is the only solicitor who you never have to worry about if she will call you back, or when she will call you back. Zahrah makes time for every transaction, every issue, every phone call, and keeps you up to date, even when nothing is happening. She knows exactly how an individual member of the public wants to be dealt with - and delivers. None of your pompous 'can't get hold of me I'm busy' nonsense from this brilliant solicitor."

Zahrah Aullybocus

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