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Blog: Video clips from our Diversity in Law event

Blog: Video clips from our Diversity in Law event

Earlier this year we were delighted to co-host our Diversity in Law event: Stop the brain drain – changing the culture in law for the women in law, with our friends at 2to3 days in support of the Next 100 Years Campaign.

The legal industry is losing female (and other diverse) talent every year. With lively contributions from the audience and insights from our panel of experts from the world of law and recruitment, we explored some of the reasons for this and considered what can be (and is being) done about it.

In our previous blog we summarised some of the highlights from the debate on the night. We are now pleased to release some video clips showcasing each of our speakers providing some thought provoking comments – just click on the links below to watch.

  1. Why diversity and inclusion are crucial in business

Dr Manjari Prashar drew from her 20 years’ experience in the field, highlighting three crucial reasons for diversity and inclusion in the workplace:

  • It’s demanded by stakeholders
  • It’s required for retention and progression of the best talent
  • It’s impactful – research shows that inclusion means better team performance and decision making.
  1. The First 100 Years Project

Dana Denis-Smith gave details of The First 100 Years Project (now the Next 100 Years Campaign), which was set-up to create a library of stories through role models for the current legal generation, informing and educating them on the role of women.

  1. The D&I progress being made

Bola Gibson outlined the challenges and endorsed much of the work now being done to support diversity and inclusion in law firms, particularly demystification, which explores in plain terms what partnership means and how women can be encouraged to ‘stick it out.’

  1. Why role models are important

Andrea Mcllroy Rose told us that unconscious bias still exists in spite of cultural changes, and not always from ‘expected’ sources. The racial / ethnic balance is much harder to achieve, but we all have to take responsibility as role models.

  1. Gender equality progress

Sally Brett revealed that while there are healthy numbers of women going into law, there is stubborn inequality when it comes to the gender pay gap.

  1. Top recruitment tips – how to increase diversity and inclusion in Law

Jo Major set out some tips on holding recruiters to account when it comes to diversity and called on them to show more willingness in taking on women on a flexible basis.

  1. Why is a 3-day working week so hard to achieve in law?

We explored this question and why part-time working remains a challenge with the resources currently available in the legal sector.

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