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We can resolve your disputes

There are many reasons for disputes to arise in modern life. Whether you have a disagreement with a neighbour, landlord or financial and insurance companies, Nexa can help you.

We are here to provide proactive advice to avoid unnecessary disputes. Many modern dispute cases could have been avoided with some negotiation between both parties. Settlement and compromise have long been favoured in the legal system.

Nexa will gain a full understanding of your dispute and give you some tips on how to start communicating with the other party to resolve the issue.

Sometimes it is not possible to resolve an issue before a dispute case is raised and you need a trusted legal partner to be at your side during the process. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience you need to reach an outcome you are happy with.

Our lawyer will have regular liaisons with you to make sure everything is kept up to date throughout the case, advising you on the best options and resolutions.

nexa law’s areas of practise include; mediation and alternative dispute resolution, international and UK litigation and arbitration, corporate, shareholder and joint venture disputes, partnership disputes, commercial fraud, contractual disputes, financial and insurance disputes, professional negligence, landlord and tenant disputes, social housing, trust and estate litigation and injunctions.

If you would like more information on our dispute resolution services, please email us on:

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