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Four ways for law firms to access the benefits of NexaConnex 

Four ways for law firms to access the benefits of NexaConnex

Flexibility is a key principle we adopted when putting together our freelance lawyer service for small to medium sized law firms, NexaConnex. Since we launched NexaConnex last year, we’ve been busy helping law firm clients overcome the various challenges they are currently facing.

How does it work?

As a result of this experience, we have identified the four main ways we think we can work with law firms to deliver the solutions they need.

Of course, we remain flexible and can change and tweak how we work with clients to deliver a truly bespoke service. However, we thought it would be helpful to outline our four main service strands so that you can understand how it might work for your law firm.

The four service strands: a starting point

Your agreement will be with Nexa Law Limited, our SRA regulated entity. The four ways in which we can support you are:

  1. Secondment Support: We provide a Nexa lawyer, on a remote basis, for an agreed number of days per week, over an agreed period (from a month to a year).
  2. White Label Support: You have access to a Nexa lawyer or team of lawyers who will be available “on demand” to handle particular matters, transactions or projects. Our lawyer(s) will work on your systems and work with your clients as if they were an employee or partner of your firm. Our senior lawyers will not require supervision and will handle matters from start to finish, keeping you informed as much, or as little, as you choose.
  3. Outsourced Support: A Nexa lawyer or team of lawyers will be available “on demand” to help your team with new and ongoing matters. You will outsource the work to us and we will deliver it back to your firm rather than your client. You will maintain full control of the client relationship and be responsible for supervising the work our lawyers undertake.
  4. Referral Support: Where you have a client which you are unable to support either because of capacity challenges or because the work falls outside the expertise of your firm, you can refer the client to Nexa in the knowledge that they will be looked after. We pay a 10% referral fee and put in place non-poach provisions so that the client is referred back to you should future matters arise.

Whether you’re looking for a lawyer to cover an absent colleague or to take on an extra pair of hands to cover a temporary surge in demand, NexaConnex can provide a solution that works for you and your business – what that looks like is up to you, we will always be flexible, it’s in our DNA!

Peace of mind

You can rest assured that we never compromise on quality and observe the highest professional standards. For your peace of mind, your service agreement will be with our SRA regulated entity, Nexa Law Limited. NexaConnex lawyers and their work are covered by our professional indemnity insurance with Allianz.

Ready to find out more?

To find out more about NexaConnex and how it could help you and your law firm, take a look at our brochure here.

Or get in touch with Matthew Dunne or Daniel Jenkins, our NexaConnex Leads, or Nigel Clark, Nexa’s CEO, for a confidential, no obligation chat about how we can support your law firm.

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