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Hannah’s Story – Life at Nexa with Hannah Howe 

Eliot Hibbert, CEO & Founder
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Hannah’s Story – Life at Nexa with Hannah Howe 

Continuing our ‘Consultants’ Stories’ series where our lawyers share their journey to becoming a consultant solicitor and joining Nexa, we caught up with Hannah Howe. 

Meet the consultant… 

Hannah is a private client solicitor specialising in all aspects of wills, trusts, powers of attorney and probate. She joined Nexa in February 2022. Here’s what she had to say: 

I qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and have worked at various firms throughout the East Midlands. I have always specialised in private client work across a broad spectrum of clients from high-net-worth individuals, businesspeople and landowners to those of more modest means and have met some fascinating people over the years! 

I find the personal contact with clients, building a trusting relationship with them and, ultimately, being able to put their minds at rest, very satisfying professionally.  

I knew that a partnership at a traditional law firm wasn’t for me, as I wanted to avoid a management role. My priority is helping clients and I knew I would lose some of this client-contact if I took on management responsibilities. Like many other lawyers, I’m sure, I also wanted to find a career path that worked around my three children. I’m delighted to say that I have found it at Nexa! 

I looked at various consultancy options and, after speaking with some of the lawyers and managers, I eventually chose to join Nexa. I feel part of a really supportive community here of like-minded, high-quality lawyers. Everyone is an experienced expert in their field and takes pride in doing a great job for their clients. Everyone is friendly and relaxed, which makes for a great working environment. 

I know some solicitors feel apprehensive about going self-employed and, of course, there are understandable concerns about whether you will be able to generate enough work and earn enough, but my advice would be to go for it – it really is great. For me it has been everything I’d hoped for and more.  

If you aren’t sure if it’s for you, it’s worth chatting to others who have done it. I found that other consultants were really happy to share their wisdom and had loads of great advice. 

I now enjoy my work so much and get a real joy from helping my clients and building my practice. I love working from home, and I no longer have the “Sunday Night Blues;” I actually look forward to work on Monday morning! 

Want to find out more? 

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more detail about life as a consultant lawyer and what we can offer you at Nexa, check out our careers pages here or, have a look at our brochure. For a confidential, no obligation chat, contact David Roth.    

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