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Happiness isn’t just a four-day week 

Happiness isn’t just a four-day week 

The largest ever trial of 4-day week working in the UK, which concluded at the end of last year, examined the impact of working less hours for the same pay on both employees and their organisations.  

The 4-day week trial 

The recently released report into the findings of the pilot scheme concludes, unsurprisingly, that there were extensive benefits to working less when it came to staff well-being. Staff reported feeling happier and less stressed and there was a reduction in staff absence and turnover.  

Perhaps more unexpectedly, organisations did not see any drop in productivity, quite the opposite; staff got more work done in less time and were highly motivated to find ways of working more efficiently.  

The Nexa way 

At Nexa, we’ve long been advocates for freedom and flexibility. We don’t tell our lawyers how long they have to work for each day or each week– there are no targets here. We don’t tell them when or where they have to work – it’s entirely up to them how they best service their clients. 

Every single person who has joined us to work as a consultant talks about the significant enhancement to their happiness and well-being that working differently at Nexa has brought them.  Take a look at some our Consultants’ Stories to see what we mean! 

There is more to it 

But we also believe that this is not all there is to it. Being empowered to work in a sensible way, which makes you feel good, is one element of a bigger (and better) picture at Nexa. There are several unique things about us, which our consultants also value when they move their careers here.  

People can work as much or as little as they wish when they join us, and this generally frees up time to spend doing the other things they love. But, however much work our consultants do, they get to keep more of the fees they generate with our market leading rates 

At Nexa, we are also proud of our culture which is open, responsive and supportive. We are a community of committed, high-quality professionals who enjoy working together and who help each other. Our management is approachable and unstuffy, we won’t waste your time with internal politics!  

In many ways, these elements create a virtuous circle: happy lawyers make for an optimistic environment which makes everyone more productive and, ultimately, happier! 

Want to find out more about working at Nexa? 

Check out our careers pages here or, have a look at our brochure. For a confidential, no obligation chat, contact David Roth.  

Nigel Clark, CEO

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