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How much billed income will I retain as a consultant with Nexa?

How much billed income will I retain as a consultant with Nexa?

The days of partners leaving the partnership and then sticking around as consultants for a few years to ease the path to retirement are long gone.

Today’s consultants at new model firms like Nexa are diverse, dynamic and ambitious. They want to work differently, in a way which gives them the flexibility to enjoy all aspects of life, freed from the management and administrative burdens that often accompany senior roles at traditional law firms.

They also want to earn their true worth and make the most of opportunities to increase their earning potential.

Money matters

Becoming a consultant is a big change of lifestyle and it’s understandable that lawyers thinking of joining Nexa are often concerned about the impact on their finances.

Our platform is designed to make everything as easy as possible for our lawyers so they can concentrate on growing their legal businesses and servicing their clients. For ambitious lawyers working with us, the sky really is the limit.

It’s a peculiarly British thing to be shy about talking money! Money isn’t everything of course, but at Nexa we understand that it does matter.

We are totally transparent about our charging structure and the amount of earnings our consultants can expect to retain while working with us.

We are proud of the fact that there are absolutely no hidden charges for those joining us. To find out how else we are different from other firms, see our recent blog: Nexa’s new model still gives lawyers more bang for their buck.

Start earning your worth

Nexa takes a percentage of your fees as commission, but the more revenue you generate, the smaller percentage you pay. You retain the lion’s share of your fees allowing you to earn your true worth.

Nexa’s fee share arrangements can’t be bettered by our major competitors. For example, a lawyer turning over £400,000 could be between £20,000 and £37,500 a year better off with us.

At Nexa we also provide excellent opportunities for increasing your earning potential, for example:

  • you take a percentage of any work referred within Nexa,
  • if you bring another lawyer to work at Nexa, you will receive a share of the fees they generate; and
  • you can reduce the commission you pay Nexa, allowing you to take home more, by generating more revenue. For these purposes, any fee income from jobs that you have referred within Nexa is counted as your revenue. This means you may pay a lower commission on fees from your own work.


Income calculator

Check out our income calculator to see how much more of your billed income you could retain as a consultant with Nexa.

Want to explore more?

Our very own David Roth is a friendly face and first port of call for those looking for a bit more detail. He can answer all your questions about what Nexa offers lawyers looking to do things differently.

He is a fine advocate for our alternative model, and the soul of discretion -you can rest assured that all communications will be strictly confidential. There is absolutely no obligation, and we never badger people. So, please do get in touch. Or, have a look at our brochure.


Eliot Hibbert, Founder & COO, Nexa


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