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How we’re all pitching in to help Nexa achieve its sustainability goals

How we’re all pitching in to help Nexa achieve its sustainability goals

We’re all more aware than ever of the need to take action to help avert a climate crisis. No one can do this alone, but we believe action by all of us, particularly business, is key to securing a better future for our planet and the generations after us who will live on it.

Anyone who ever worked in a law firm will know they are traditionally paper heavy and energy hungry (all those computers, photocopies and burning lights, late into the night!) environments. But at Nexa, we like to do things differently and that’s why we are determined to tread lightly and do as much as we can to make our business as sustainable as possible.

It’s easy to pay lip service to these critical concerns but not really walk the walk – some businesses have recently been criticised for “greenwashing” – exaggerating or making other misleading environmental claims about a product, service, brand or its activities.

We know we aren’t perfect, and all have a lot more to learn, but we have a genuine desire here at Nexa to be trailblazers in operating our business in an environmentally sympathetic and sustainable way.

It won’t happen overnight, but they do say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Here are just a few of the small things we are doing internally which we hope will make a bigger difference in the long run. We’ll be adding to these as and when we can:

  • We’re currently “paper light” – paperless is the goal. We try our best only to print when necessary and then only black and white and double-sided. For example, we scan and send rather than posting hard copies.
  • We recently introduced digital business cards.
  • Home working by colleagues drastically cuts commuting.
  • Car share arrangements are in place for those who do need to go to the office.
  • We recycle wherever we can, including confidential waste which is collected by local suppliers.

Going forward we want to reduce our energy consumption as much as we can, making sure any hardware purchases are energy efficient, increasing natural light in our workspaces and making absolutely sure we are all turning off lights, printers and computers when not in use.

Ironically, making changes that are good for the planet often make a lot of sense financially too. We won’t deny that, but it does beg the question, why doesn’t everyone do it – being kinder to the planet is a win-win!

Eliot Hibbert, COO & Founder

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