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Introducing Nexa’s IP offering and trademark service

Introducing Nexa’s IP offering and trademark service

We are delighted to announce that Nexa now offers a fully comprehensive IP and trade mark service through our fantastic IP specialists, Abby Minns and Amy Ward.

The A-team

Abby and Amy each have over ten years’ experience of advising a wide range of large and small clients, both having trained and worked in the IP team at leading City law firms.

Between them they have worked extensively in the pharmaceuticals, life sciences, digital media, technology and telecommunications sectors.

They are now offering their services to clients at Nexa, delivering a premium service at a sensible price point, which provides outstanding value.

Abby has a first-class degree in biochemistry and Amy has a degree in physiological sciences from Oxford University. This science background assists them in quickly grasping the details of new technologies and then being able to apply relevant IP law to that technology.

Both Amy and Abby are experienced IP litigators, having worked on patent, trade mark, copyright and database right litigation, involving enforcement, infringement and validity issues in the IP courts.

Their contentious experience enables them to give strategic advice on the protection and exploitation of IP rights generally, to negotiate commercial agreements relating to IP and to advise on litigation strategy.

Precious assets need proper protection 

For many businesses their IP is their biggest asset. Often however, it is not properly understood and is left dangerously unprotected.

This may be due to a lack of knowledge of this complex area of law. Or, for smaller organisations where there are lots of calls on tight budgets, there may be a failure to prioritise getting IP advice.

This can leave the business exposed to significant commercial risk – without appropriate protection, a business may find it is at risk of losing its most valuable assets. Where IP rights are infringed, it may become necessary to engage in lengthy and costly litigation.

We believe obtaining specialist help early on should be regarded as an investment rather than a cost, saving time, money and hassle down the line.

How can we help?

Abby and Amy can help clients to evaluate their IP portfolio to understand what they have and develop the best strategies to protect and exploit it. In the event of a dispute, they can assist in offering advice and devising robust solutions to issues such as infringement and enforcement.

Nexa’s IP practice covers a full range of client needs including:

  • An IP audit service
  • Trade mark and brand protection and strategy
  • IP disputes
  • Strategic IP advice
  • IP licensing, ownership and protection
  • IP due diligence

For a confidential, no obligation chat about working together, please contact: Abby Minns or Amy Ward

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