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It takes all sorts – what type of consultant lawyer are you?

It takes all sorts – what type of consultant lawyer are you?

At Nexa we talk a lot about “flexibility” and “freedom” because we think that’s the future of law. But what does that actually mean for our lawyers?

It’s a sweet shop

We think the sweet shop analogy is a good way to explain it because at Nexa, our consultant lawyers can “pick and mix” how they operate day-to-day and choose how to develop their career over time.

Nexa provides a truly comprehensive platform to support all kinds of lawyers who want to work in different ways – how they do it is up to them, but we can give them the space and time to find the right approach.

Three categories

Everyone is different and we certainly aren’t looking for identikit lawyers who can be put in a box. But we think we can identify three very broad categories of consultant lawyer at Nexa, all of whom are able to thrive in our supportive and collegiate environment:

1: The extravert: these people are great networkers, they love making connections and want to be a fully integrated part of our consultant community, getting to know people, getting involved in everything and receiving referrals, where appropriate. They may travel regularly to work and meet colleagues at our WeWork offices in London or our other hubs.

2: The independent: these people already have a loyal client following and just want to get on with working for them directly. They still need the back-office support that the Nexa platform provides so that they can get on with doing what they love, without distraction. Occasionally they may need to dip in a bit deeper – reaching out for additional support or interaction with fellow consultants.

3: The hybrid: These people are a bit of both of the above! They still like to be in complete control of their work and workflow, but they will engage with the Nexa community a bit more regularly and are open to referrals and other opportunities for collaboration.

Not set in stone

Of course, these categories aren’t set in stone and people may move between them over time. But that’s the beauty of our model – it’s flexible enough to provide a good home for all sorts of consultant lawyers, providing the freedom for them to work how they want, and to grow and evolve in a way which suits them, their circumstances, and their personality type.

We are dedicated advocates of diversity in the law at Nexa, and we believe we offer something for all different types of consultant lawyer, however they want to work – because life is sweet when it’s flexible!

Like the sound of us? Want to explore more? 

Our very own David Roth is a friendly face and first port of call for those looking for a bit more detail. He can answer all your questions about what Nexa offers lawyers looking to do things differently.

He is a fine advocate for our alternative model, and the soul of discretion -you can rest assured that all communications will be strictly confidential. There is absolutely no obligation, and we never badger people. So, get do get in touch.

Or, have a look at our brochure.

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