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nexa & Evoke launch a partnership to bring a combined portfolio of expertise to the SME marketplace.

Nexa & Evoke Management are both businesses that offer something a little different within the SME world. This new way of doing business breaks away from the traditional, rigid style of the corporate world and embraces a flexible, on demand approach; providing high level expertise to SMEs, who can dip in and out whenever they need assistance.

The businesses share a ‘value first’ approach and their like minded teams can partner to provide legal, financial and commercial support from a pool of talented experts.

Matthew Dunne, Business Development Manager at Nexa commented:

“This is an exciting partnership which will give our clients access to a flexible Finance Director resource alongside their trusted nexa lawyer. Having spent time getting to know the Evoke team, it’s clear we have a shared outlook around what SME clients value in a relationship with their professional advisers, and we look forward to working together to support growing businesses.”

David Seaton, Commercial Director at Evoke Management commented…

“Our two organisations share a strong common goal of helping SME businesses with expert guidance and delivery, in a cost effective and accessible way. We’re delighted to partner with Nexa in bringing our collective help to even more businesses in the months and years to come.”

About Evoke Management

“Access to valuable insight and knowledge on a flexible basis”

Evoke was founded to help you move your business forward by adding valuable insight and knowledge on a flexible basis. This is advice larger companies automatically have from access to established boards, advisors, and management teams.
Our Offering: Evoke Management is an affordable way to gain access to the same level of expertise- when you need it.
Our Mission: To help SMEs and entrepreneurs move their business forward by providing flexible access to excellent strategic advice and analysis.
Wherever you are in the life-cycle of your business and whatever challenges you may face, we have the strategies, knowledge, and insight to keep your business moving forward.

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