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Nexa in a nutshell

Who we are

Nexa was founded in 2017 and is authorised by the SRA as an Alternative Business Structure.

Our CEO Nigel Clark is passionate about modernising the legal industry and we want to do things differently by offering choice to our lawyers and their clients.

In essence we are a platform for self-employed lawyers – they take care of their clients, and we take care of everything else!

We offer a flexible range of working options to suit our lawyers’ personal circumstances and preferences.

What we do

Much like an online barristers’ chambers, nexa provides back-office functions for its lawyers, taking the hassle out of the day-to-day so that they can just get on with being lawyers!

We provide leading case management software, highly rated professional indemnity insurance, accounts support, access to Practical Law, access to co-working spaces and much more. Our lawyers are free to run their own legal businesses without the stresses of managing their own law firm.

Our lawyers are engaged on a non-exclusive basis so are free to do whatever else they want.

Who we are looking for

Our platform is designed for entrepreneurial and autonomous lawyers who want the freedom to take control of their clients, working practices and lifestyle while earning to their full potential.

We are a democratic community of equals, we value diversity, we don’t want identikit lawyers, we want all sorts of energetic and collaborative people who love the law.

We don’t have any minimum qualification requirements, but we do look for consultants who are confident to work independently.

We want to make sure that we are the right place for the people who come to us, and that they are the right personality for us; we take time to get to know each other before we ask for any commitment.

Want to explore more?

Our very own David Roth is a friendly face and first port of call for those looking for a bit more detail. He can answer all your questions about what nexa offers lawyers looking to do things differently.

He is a fine advocate for our alternative model, and the soul of discretion -you can rest assured that all communications will be strictly confidential. There is absolutely no obligation, and we never badger people! So, get do get in touch.

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