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Nexa recruiting the next generation from Queen Mary University

Nexa recruiting the next generation from Queen Mary University

At Nexa, we are proud of our established partnership with Queen Mary University of London – we’ve been working together since 2019. Our innovative paid internship programme for postgraduate law students sees a team of students from the University’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) work with Nexa’s lawyers throughout the year.

Recruiting for the year ahead

Right now, our CEO Nigel Clark and partner Dan Jenkins are busy interviewing for the 2022/23 in-take, working through over 70 applications received.

They are looking to recruit two candidates to work with us, around their studies throughout the coming academic year. In addition, Nexa maintains a pool of students who work on an on-demand basis to support Nexa’s lawyers and who are remunerated for the work that they do with us.

Bringing a global perspective  

At Nexa, we recognise the benefits that diversity brings to the workplace, so we are delighted to be able to tap into a truly global talent pool with an international outlook. The CCLS is one of the leading Postgraduate Law Schools in London with more than 700 students from over 80 countries, studying more than 170 different courses.

Nexa’s model accommodates young talent

As a “new model” law firm, Nexa’s platform attracts experienced professionals who are seeking more flexibility and freedom in their careers. There may be a perception that our consultant lawyer model is just designed for retiring partners from traditional law firms. But that’s not how we see it!

At Nexa, we are determined to attract younger talent as well. We think that giving the next generation opportunities to experience and learn in the legal sector is vital to keep our industry flourishing. We want a broad spectrum of different types of lawyers in our organisation. We believe our paid internship programme is a fantastic way to “widen the pool”.

It’s a win-win for everyone

Our interns have an unparalleled opportunity to get hands on work experience during their time with us. In return, we get the benefit of their enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge as post graduate students. Queen Mary University is committed to ensuring its students have the best employment opportunities when they graduate, and our partnership assist them in achieving that objective.

Jacqueline Steinmetz is CCLS’ Employer Engagement, Internships and Mentoring Coordinator (Postgraduate law): “[Our] connection with Nexa offers our students and graduates greatly valued work experience. Whilst gaining a broader spectrum of practical legal skills through hands on work, I’m excited to see that Nexa opens opens the doors for opportunities beyond traditional legal internships, which is especially important in the current economic climate.”

Nigel Clark, CEO

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