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Nexa’s flexible facilities give our lawyers a world of choice

Nexa’s flexible facilities give our lawyers a world of choice

As a new model law firm, Nexa was committed to remote working long before the pandemic put it firmly in the mainstream. Our offer to our consultants has always been: “work the way you want, from wherever you want”. But what does this mean in practice? What facilities can Nexa’s lawyers access to make that choice and flexibility a reality?

Comprehensive support

Our operational support centre in Oswestry, Shrophire provides comprehensive support to our 120+ lawyers, taking care of all the stuff that can get in the way of doing law and serving clients. Our administration, compliance and finance teams are all based here to provide a joined-up service.

Our lawyers can rest assured that all these vital “back-office” functions are securely and efficiently run, using cloud-based systems and apps for maximum flexibility.

Office space, when it’s needed

It’s a personal choice, but some people like to work from a dedicated space away from home from time to time, or more regularly. We have a private space in WeWork’s flagship building in London at 10 York Road which Nigel Clark, our CEO and some of the team work from and which our consultant lawyers can have some access to.

We recognise that Zoom has not quite killed off the “in real life” business meeting! The nature of legal work means that some clients prefer to meet face-to-face and, that’s fine too.

Our lawyers have the choice to book desks and meeting rooms in any WeWork in London (50 buildings) as well as in Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. In addition, we provide discounted All Access Passes to our lawyers so that they can work in a WeWork building anywhere in the world.

Lawyers’ requirements change over time and in response to client needs and personal circumstances. Our facilities are flexible enough to provide different options on an ad hoc basis, and there is no minimum or regular commitment needed.

Choice and simplicity

We think choice is empowering. Our highly flexible facilities mean our lawyers have lots of options when it comes to deciding how and where to work. After that, it’s simple because all a consultant needs to get started with us is an internet connection, a smart phone and a laptop.

Want to find out more?

If you are considering becoming a consultant and want to find out more about us, our very own David Roth can answer all your questions about what Nexa offers lawyers looking to do things differently. So, please do get in touch. Or, have a look at our brochure.

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