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Nexa’s positive workplace culture really does set us apart 

David Roth, People & Systems Manager
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Nexa’s positive workplace culture really does set us apart 

Nexa was founded on the principle that we wanted to be different. Not just for the sake of standing out from the crowd, but because we felt things needed to change.   

The legal sector has become more and more corporate – the days of the sole practitioner are almost over. While this has brought many benefits to clients, it hasn’t always been so positive for lawyers, many of whom now work in an “always on” culture to meet the expectations placed on them. And this can obviously take its toll on their health, family life and wellbeing. 

Building a better culture 

Our co-founder and COO Eliot Hibbert set out to build a firm with a better culture, one that was less corporate, more open, more relaxed and which valued its lawyers as individuals, not numbers. 

This vision continues to drive us today. Our community of over 120 high-quality lawyers working in many different disciplines and geographic areas are a truly diverse bunch. We have never tried to recruit “identikit lawyers”, we don’t have a “type” and everyone is encouraged to be themselves.  

We believe there is a better way of being and that our firm doesn’t have to be like everyone else. 

Collaboration is key 

Collaboration is a huge part of how we operate. Our consultants are all experts in their fields, but they are also nice people! Everyone here contributes to the supportive atmosphere and that starts with the management who model the positive values and behaviours which our business is built on. 

All our consultants are essentially running their own legal businesses so they can offer advice and assistance to each other when needed.  

Our consultants tell us that they feel very “comfortable” or “at home” here which is great to hear. More than anything, we want our consultants to be happy in their working lives and to succeed in their careers: happy lawyers equal happy clients!   

We work hard to make sure everything is in place to assist each of our consultants in running their legal businesses, our back-office support is highly responsive– help is only ever a phone call or email away.   

Ready to find out more? 

If you are interested in finding out a bit more about life as a consultant solicitor at Nexa then check out our careers pages here or, have a look at our brochure. For a confidential, no obligation chat, contact David Roth.  


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