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It’s time to end solicitor-bar divide

England and Wales’ first female solicitor advocate QC is set to become the first to dual qualify as both a solicitor and barrister. June Venters, who was made QC in 2006, will be called to the bar by Middle Temple on Thursday.


June Venters has run her own law firm in Surrey since 1991. The crime and family law specialist, said that she believed the solicitor and barrister professions should merge in order to make the best of their shared skills.


‘I have always believed that there should be a fusion of the two professions. I see myself as an advocate and have been a silk for 10 years. Being qualified in both epitomises that view’, she explained.


June also shared that although she hopes for more collaboration, the two professions are growing even further apart from each other. She believes it is extremely difficult for solicitor advocates to be accepted into the barristers’ world.


To read more about June Venter’s journey to dual qualifying, click here.

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