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Welcoming Jim to nexa law

We are very pleased to welcome Jim to our team of consultants at nexa law.

Jim was a professionally qualified Royal Air Force pilot prior to becoming a barrister.  His combined experience as a pilot and lawyer spans over 28 years. During his 12 years as a pilot he was qualified on a number of military aircraft (single piston, single turbo prop, fast jet, twin turbo prop, four engine heavy jet) and his last flying tour was on the Boeing E-3D AWACS. He received specialist training in aviation accident analysis and crew resource management, to become a Squadron Flight Safety Officer. He also was a flying display coordinator for the RAF Waddington International Air Show.

In 2002 an injury ended Jim’s pilot career so he transferred to the RAF Legal Branch and qualified as a barrister. As trial counsel he prosecuted Court Martial jury trials, with a focus on military aviation cases.

After 16 years service, Jim retired from the RAF then specialised in air accident litigation. He has represented hundreds of passengers/families in aviation disasters around the world involving many types of aircraft, from single engine light aircraft accidents to major airline disasters. He has significant experience in litigating cases in the US as well as litigating cases in multiple jurisdictions including England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Nigeria, Tanzania and Pakistan.

To find out more about Jim’s areas of expertise, or if you would like him to assist you in aviation law, please click here.

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