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What’s it really like being a consultant lawyer?

What’s it really like being a consultant lawyer?

The last ten years have seen a significant diversification of the legal world. The so called “new model” law firms like Nexa which, not so long ago were disruptors in the legal market, are now increasingly seen as mainstream. Both lawyers and clients have woken up to the fact that there is an alternative to the one stop shop of the traditional partner-led firm.

It’s a fantastic time for those wanting to practise law – there has never been so much choice about how you do it and new ways of working, enabled by technology, are changing people’s lives for the better.

But sometimes choice can feel a bit overwhelming. We understand that it’s a big step leaving behind the security of a traditional law firm or in-house role for the unknown of becoming a self-employed professional, effectively running your own legal business.

So, we want to answer the question that is on many people’s minds; what’s it really like being a consultant lawyer?

Here are a few headlines which we hope paints a picture of a different reality:

  • You won’t be constrained by the “9-5” (and the rest!). You’ll have the flexibility to fit your work around your life – however you want to live it.
  • But it’s not just about making a lifestyle choice. You’ll have the freedom to do things your way. As a talented lawyer you can reach your full potential and embrace your ambitions and aspirations outside of the rigid structures and hierarchies which may be holding you back.
  • You will enjoy the autonomy of being your own boss. At Nexa we never interfere in how our consultants work, what they charge or when they bill.
  • You’ll get to keep a significant amount more of the fees you generate – anywhere between 75% and 85%. For more information on our fee sharing arrangements, see our previous blog: Time to Talk Money.
  • You won’t be a number with a billing target on your back – at Nexa we don’t have targets or KPIs – you can work when you want, where you want and for whom you want.
  • We take time to make sure all our consultant lawyers understand our culture before they join us so they can be sure it’s right for them. We pride ourselves on our supportive and collegiate environment, where all are respected and valued, whatever their background. You can say goodbye to the intensive political atmosphere of many firms, which we think alleviates stress and makes for very positive working conditions.

But don’t take our word for it – what do our consultant lawyers say?

It’s a breath of fresh air…My colleagues are friendly, approachable and a great resource for bouncing ideas off on a collegiate basis.”

It’s the ideal infrastructure to work effectively as a solicitor by enabling me to work independently, seamlessly and without bureaucratic distraction to get the successful results that our clients deserve.”

I really enjoy the flexibility of being a Nexa consultant and being able to focus and specialise in my chosen area.”

“As a consultant solicitor I can dedicate better quality time to client work and give a more personal service. I’m doing law again, which I really enjoy!”

Nigel Clark, CEO

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