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Why should a client instruct a new model law firm?

It is still the case that the majority of businesses use traditional law firms. Up until relatively recently there was little alternative. Businesses are often extremely loyal or too busy to explore the alternatives. However, the advent of the alternative business structure and the introduction of new model law firms now offers businesses a different choice and one that could be much more beneficial.

So why choose a new model law firm? Read on for a summary of some of the key benefits on offer.

1. Price

This is always an important factor, put simply it can be a lot cheaper instructing a new model law firm. Nexa for example has stripped away unnecessary overheads such as expensive offices and partner salaries to create a leaner model which means the cost for the job can be significantly less.

Our consultants have complete freedom when it comes to billing arrangements. They are not bound by an enforced fee scale and hourly rate. This allows consultants to be much more flexible and to entertain different ways and methods of billing. We do encourage our consultants to operate on a fixed fee basis wherever possible, this means you will not receive nasty, unexpected surprises.

2. Focus

Consultants working for new model law firms have more time to focus directly on their clients. With less time spent in management meetings, commuting and dealing with office politics the consultant will be able to spend time with you, one on one assisting and improving your business. You can develop a much closer working relationship this way. Our consultants regularly meet clients at their offices, this saves you time and also gives the consultant a better insight into your business and how you operate.

3. Service

You will deal with the experienced consultant direct. Many traditional firms operate a structure where the partners are responsible for finding the work. You may find once instructed the work gets fed down the chain and your work is carried out by someone relatively junior. Rest assured that all work done by Nexa is carried out by a lawyer with not less than 8 years PQE, this means you deal with who you want to deal with not their assistant.

All of the above can be fairly summarised in one word – FLEXIBILITY. Consultant lawyers given freedom and flexibility experience a sense of liberation and have a fresh invigoration for the law. Nexa and its consultants are agile and can quickly adapt, they are ready to act in the most effective way for your business.

If you are interested in changing your legal provider, and would like to experience the numerous benefits of instructing nexa law, then please get in touch with our Managing Director, Eliot Hibbert on or call now on 0330 024 2420.

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