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Nexa and Tech – helping our consultant lawyers deliver

Nexa and Tech – helping our consultant lawyers deliver

As you’d expect, given our “new law” heritage here at Nexa, we are (almost all!)comfortable with innovation. We firmly believe standing still isn’t possible or desirable for any legal service provider operating in today’s market. It’s time to do things differently.

As clients quite rightly demand higher levels of service and greater value, we are always looking at whether we can do things better at Nexa. It’s our mission to help our consultants do their jobs more easily and efficiently by providing the best tools we can.

We feel fortunate to be operating at a time when so much fantastic legal technology is available. For the tech nerds amongst us, it is an exciting era as new products come to market all the time. The capability of much of this tech is seriously impressive and is developing constantly –when it doesn’t seem that long ago that a microfiche reader was the cutting edge, it’s easy to appreciate how far we have come in a relatively short space of time!

Good things come in threes

I tend to broadly categorise Nexa’s current legal tech solutions as follows:

  1. Technology which helps our back office run more efficiently. As well as improving basic business efficiency, this includes how weare meeting our regulator’s requirements, managing and processing our data and complying with the law more widely. One example is our collaboration with Red Flag Alert – which provides a comprehensive credit and risk management service which is available to all our consultants. To find out more take a look at our blog: reducing the financial risk of taking on new clients. Our other collaborators in this space include Leap, Xero, Infotrack, HSBC Net, Trello and Zoho.


  1. Technology which helps our consultants deliver their legal services more efficiently and makes a positive difference to their clients. For example, partnering with KUDOCS enabled us to launch our new company secretarial service for corporate clients. This is an exceptionally efficient, safe and modern solution to the traditional problem of corporate administration. To find out more, take a look at our blog: Nexa launches YourCoSec. Our other tech collaborators in this category include Luminance, Adobesign and Summize.


  1. Technology which helps Nexa’s communications and interaction with our consultants, staff, clients and our wider community. We recently introduced digital business cards for all our consultants. Our friends at VICE helped us with this using their NFC technology. To find out more, take a look at our blog: introducing one digital business cards. In addition,  Pop Creative run our intranet and external websites, using a variety of tech tools. Our other tech collaborators in this space include: AirIT, App Rail, BolDesign and WeWork.

In good company

We’re delighted to have quality relationships with so many impressive tech collaborators who are continuing to help us deliver for our staff, consultants, clients and wider community. We are constantly on the lookout for new products and partners to push the boundaries of progress in our sector of the legal industry.  If we don’t, we’ll get left behind – like I’m seeing with other legal providers in other sectors of the market.

-Nigel Clark, CEO

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