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Our new ESG Lead gets to work launching client service 

Our new ESG Lead gets to work launching client service 

Last month, we were proud to announce the appointment of Catherine Oh as our first ever ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) Lead here at Nexa and she has certainly hit the ground running.

“Helping Nexa”

Nexa was built from the ground up with many of the core components of ESG at its very heart. But Nexa is determined to continue to do all it can to walk the talk when it comes to all things ESG.

For example, Cathy is currently writing our Environmental Business Charter and will be doing lots of ESG training internally to spread the word and make sure our consultants and colleagues fully understand what it’s all about and why it matters.”

A new ESG service for Nexa clients

In addition to helping Nexa as a firm, Cathy is also heading our ESG offering to clients to assist them with their own ESG agendas.

ESG is not going away and, as it enters the mainstream it is likely to impinge more and more across various aspects of the corporate world – businesses cannot afford to ignore it.

But the ESG landscape can feel overwhelming, there is just so much to get to grips with.

In the environmental arena alone, mandatory obligations on companies are growing. Even keeping on top of the regulation and legislation – so you know what you are supposed to be doing – can be daunting, let alone implementing it.

In addition, there are other external pressures which require social and governance issues to be addressed such as ensuring a sustainable operation and building a diverse workforce.

Cathy will be working to deliver our new service for clients with a number of other Nexa lawyers and we hope this will evolve into a market leading offering, advising on all aspects of ESG.

How can we help?

We are offering a comprehensive ESG service, which includes:

  • General ESG training and guidance for your organisation and/or its clients.
  • Advice on incorporating sustainability into your business strategy.
  • Climate clauses for your legal documentation.
  • Advice on navigating climate reporting such as writing a carbon reduction plans.

For a confidential, no obligation chat about your ESG needs, do get in touch-

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