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Many businesses and individuals still use traditional law firms. Up until relatively recently there was little alternative, with many businesses in this very traditional sector reluctant to adapt and evolve to meet the changing demands of today’s clients. However, the advent of the alternative business structure and the introduction of the new model law firm means that Nexa is able to offer clients a different choice and one that could be much more beneficial.

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Legal Team

Our solicitors have a minimum of eight years professional experience and a proven track record in their field. We are fully regulated by the SRA and all of our work is backed up by professional indemnity cover.

Steven Smith

Private Client Lawyer

Femi Ogunshakin

Commercial Litigation & Tax Disputes Lawyer

Caroline Gumbrell

Commercial/Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Lawyer

Daniel Wong

Property Lawyer

Yasmine Lupin

EU GDPR, Data Protection & Immigration Lawyer

Suzanne Gulshan

Property, Probate & Personal Injury Lawyer

Lorna Lewis

Commercial Property Lawyer

Ilesh Chandarana

Serious & Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer

Matthew Dunne

Commercial Lawyer

Jonathan Warner-Reed

Commercial/Property Dispute Lawyer

Daniel Jenkins

Litigation Lawyer

Samantha Downs

Wills, Trust & Probate Lawyer

Steven Mather

Commercial Lawyer

Christine Campbell

Personal Injury Lawyer

Lauren Bailey

Litigation Partner

Anushka Dosanjh

Property & Finance Lawyer

Jane Gray

Private Client Lawyer

Amy Leite

Franchise & Employment Law

Karen Thompson

Private Client Lawyer

Nassar Khalil


Jamal Khalil


Jack Marriott

Property Lawyer

Keeley Lawrence-Hoyle

Family Lawyer

Natasha Banjo

Personal Injury & Litigation Lawyer

Elizabeth Matfin

Family & Collaborative Lawyer

Michael Christopher

Wills & Probate Lawyer

Nigel Bowen

Commercial & Private Client Lawyer

Serena Davis


Marshall Levine

Commercial Lawyer

Jonathan Sara

Property Lawyer

Sarah Bostock

Family Lawyer

Tamasin Curtis

Property & Private Client Lawyer

Donna Taylor

Private Client Lawyer

David Brammer

Planning Lawyer

Eduardo Grazioli

Personal Injury & Immigration Lawyer

Zaheer Bashir

Property Lawyer

Amar Farooq

Property, Corporate & Commercial Lawyer

Jarred Bold

Litigation, PI, Commercial Insolvency & Sports Lawyer

Joy Savill

Private Client Lawyer

Julie Sheldrake

Private Client Lawyer

Nastassia Khilkevich

Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Kevin Wilson

Personal Injury and Civil Litigation Lawyer

Michael Keeling

Private Client & Property Lawyer

Sarwan Ghuman

Private Client Lawyer

Nick Dymond

Property Lawyer

Alex Keenan

Private Client & Agricultural Lawyer

Sandy Edwards

Family Lawyer

Julie Trimble

Property Lawyer

David Durkin-Finch

Personal Injury & Property Lawyer

Hannah Howe

Private Client Lawyer

Kirsty Limacher

Private Client Solicitor

Judith Owen

Litigation Lawyer

Lawrence Lupin

Immigration Lawyer

Donna Payne

Family & Private Client Lawyer & Mediator

Construction Disputes
Construction Disputes
Personal Injury
Personal Injury
TPrivate Client
Private Client
Tax Disputes
Tax Disputes

"Amanda did an amazing job overseeing my departure from [a UK FTSE 100 Co]. She offered exceptional advice and supreme professionalism at all times."


"Highly responsive and very good lawyers with a proactive approach."

Cécile Davanne-Mortreux, Partner, A.A.R.P.I., an independent Parisian law firm, France.

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